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Things to consider before you hire a programmer or developer on your project

by Comfort BatcallAug. 14, 2021, 3:40 p.m.

As the population grows even programmers and developers become more because of their demmand on the market whereby you can just sit home, code and get paid without a physical office. In our days most of the People learn coding for business purposes and once they are done with the work and you pay them they don't care about what follows next. So here are some things you need to consider before you hire a web developer or designer.


Well you need to first check the coding background of a programmer or developer you want to hire before you proceed to the next step. A resume or CV will prove what a person is capable of and the years that developer/company has been in the industry. Not only that but a CV/Resume also shows the technologies that developer/company knows and it's up to you to choose if the technologies and the experiences on the resume satify you.


Always remember that good things cost effective so don't go for the lowest budget. Always remember that the charges for bulding a project depends on the work needed, so don't expect a low price for something advanced or else you will get trapped by those kids(beginners) who are only specialised in Word, Drupal etc and they will not satisfy you.


Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates, Elon Musk etc this is a list of top successful programmers in the universe. These guys did not go to college in order for them to become professionals but they practiced more on their own(self taught). Yes sometimes hiring People with college degrees is a good move but you should not make it as a priority. Otherwise, in Information Technology(I.T), People get better with time so the more you learn the more you get better.